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 The Divine Mind

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PostSubject: The Divine Mind   Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:01 am

The Divine Mind by Nutkaze

We are all one...Connected by matter and molecules, protons and electrons, life and love. I am you, you are me, you are your best friend and worst enemy. You were both Ghandi and Hitler. You are the stars, the earth, the sky and the moon. You and I are everything.

Our combined essence is already the majority, even within our society's minorities and class divisions. Black and white, young and old. Man or Woman, Gay or straight, Rich or poor, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Jew...We are all here to gather experiences for the divine mind, the collective consciousness. It is to this divine mind, which we are all connected.

There are some within the divine mind (although still a part of it) which reflect the controlling, the selfish, the cruel, the unjust elements of the one being. The best way to describe it is as a person, who is kind to some, yet unkind to others. Who may be happy one minute yet sad the next after hearing distressful news. Every human has not only a duality but an intricate multi faced life form which we call a spirit, which is part of a larger multi faced life form known as the collective consciousness.

When we hate, we hate ourselves, when we love, we love ourselves. when we show any emotion to others connected to the divine mind, we show it to ourselves. Our very essence is recycled matter. when we leave this existence we will be reborn again in matter in some way, shape or form.

When i was a child and used to go to church, every Ash Wednesday i would hear the priest say "From dust you are and to dust you will return". We will all one day go back to the "dust" i.e collective soul of humanity, from which we were all born. Some call this soul God, Some Allah, some Brahma, other's Jesus, but these are all just interpretations of ourselves at our highest peak of existence. They are all what we are capable of attaining...the God within.

Why do we have to wait for death to be once again connected into the mainframe of humanity, of God's soul. We are now connected but do not realize the immensity of what we are connected to, it is like playing poker on the internet with someone across the other side of the world, yet not understanding that this same network holds all the collective memory and education of humanity.

In every network there are those who wish to control. in this network of souls, in which we are all connected there are many who give false information to the masses for selfish reasons, to keep vital information regarding the advancement of our consciousness. We are bombarded with hypnosis in the form of media, television, money and power to hinder our search for the ultimate truths... truths, which are the essence of why we are all here.

In every person, when we know we are on a search for a truth that will change life as we know it, we place in our way obstacles of our own creation, subconsciously to steer us away from the shock that may come with true realization. In the same way, there are those within our collective consciousness, who do the very same thing. They put barriers within classes, groups, religions, sexes etc to defocus the fact that we are all one, all connected. This truth is so powerful that it will cause us to look at everyone as we would ourselves, to treat others as we would want to be treated. This realization will turn society on it's head as we know it. Things that are created for the sole reason of division, such as money, power, unjust laws etc, will cease to have meaning and therefore cease to exist.

Many will quote the differences of humanity and say "we are too different to be part of one entity", some will say that they are superior and others do not know any better. If we are all capable of love,hate, sex, drugs, lies, faith, abortions and everything in between, why is our collective consciousness any less capable of all these and more.

I am not saying God is good or evil. I am saying God is us, and we are all God's and Goddesses trapped in flesh for the time being, to gain insight and experiences for our collective God being... our divine mind.


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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Mind   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:45 pm

Who is this? You're amazing!
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PostSubject: thanx...   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:37 am

thanx, really means a lot to me. my names Kaze, stage name nutkaze. u can find some of my stuff up at

power to the peaceful
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Mind   

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The Divine Mind
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