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 The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009

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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
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Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:01 pm

In This World
MC Ram-Z

In this world, there are things I look forward to
In this world, there are things I canít live without
And sometimes things make this life hard
But thereís no doubt people worry when thereís nothing to worry bout

We all do it, yes I do it to
I wonít be hypocritical and tell you Iím perfect and true
Our fears get the better of us we make mistakes and cuss
The perfect shiny lives of ours become covered in rust
And Iíll further evaluate if I must
We worry when we donít know who to trust
And we have to take blind steps into the darkness
When we have to face troubles as powerful as Jedi masters
And when it seems like all the hard work was for nothing
Because thereís not enough money on those checks you get monthly
Those are the times weíll see the weak running
Cause they donít want to start another week, tomorrows Monday
But really whatís there to worry for
No use crying over milk on the floor, or cause your tummyís sore
The reason being, those problems have been heard of before
You just want more, attention galore, before you escape lifeís jaws

Marley did a song about it, and Iíd listen to him
Donít worry about a thing, is what he said
And I must say heís a guy I wish Iíd met
Dead set, because he wanted the world at a peaceful reset
Sadly that kind of guy, although they try
Can only achieve so much in one lifetime
But imagine a world where we could all agree
One love is the way it should be
Like most of you out there I want a world without worry
Only advantages and friends with courage
Who get up, stand up to defend
Each other from the people that dis and offend
We can forget the past, send it to heaven to mend it
Just donít want to remember those rules we bended
If someone needs help we should lend it
This is my message now I just to send it

I look up to the sky and realise the hype
Weíre so small compared to everything else, and why
Weíre human beings, we are small
Doesnít matter if youíre so rich you think you a lord
But this isnít a reason to worry itís a reason to live
Inside our blanket the universe, we are protected
And our politicians arenít too bad, after all they were elected
Theyíre only bad in songs when peopleís personal opinions are projected
You see, is the glass half full or empty
I adore those people who said half full and meant it
Hopefully youíre all affected by the sentence
Hopefully it encourages you to demolish hate and build friendships
And then we will wonder how
Words can have so much power
Yet even the best give in, the ones that wow
Like the guy who wrote, donít worry, be happy now
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:03 pm

The Love Song
MC Ram-Z

And I think the times right because it doesnít feel wrong
I think itís time for a love song
I just believe you and I belong
I think itís time for a love song

I see you from across the room
I wish youíd look at me the way I look at you
Even if it was just for an awkward split second
Even with that I absolutely reckon
That I could capture that moment in time
And keep it forever secure in my mind
The sight of those two gorgeous eyes
Staring straight back at mine
And that way I could remember you just before I go to sleep
And pray that one day those eyes would forever be next to me
And for the chance to be, happily
In love, cause all around me its happening

Lunch time couples laughing together
Well know admires questioning wether
Or not to finally ask each other for one another
So they can go out and become lovers
And I tell myself maybe one day
But for now Iíll have to wait
For someone to catch me starring
And realise they have the same feelings
And just like that love could spark
I could come into the light and leave the dark
Then Iíd have someone to talk to about anything
Some one that could make me sing

Whatever the day Iíll be admiring
Your beauty, which to match trust me Iíve been trying
But to say anythingís better then you Iíd be lying
And for that reason Iíve been sighing
Because what if it never happens, what will I do?
Without the world where I picture me and you
And thereís plenty of fish in the sea, but on the land I want to run
Because weíre both point five and together weíre one
But if nothing ever happens between us, I will remember
The glance, to me the receiver from you the sender
And I promise that I wonít ever forget
Why I wrote these lyrics and what they meant
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:05 pm

Universal Quiz
MC Ram-Z

10 Quick Question ďThe universal quizĒ
Questions for all the nations ďThe universal quizĒ
Witten for all the stations ďThe universal quizĒ
This time MC Ram-Z made them ďThe universal quizĒ

I hope youíre ready for these lyrics I spit
I hope youíre ready to get with it, hope youíre ready for the bliss
Cause here we go, your listening to little Lewis
So everybody get up and weíll do the quiz
Its ten quick questions you find the answers
Hopefully you do cause if you do youíll answer my prayers sir
So everybody clap your hands
Rap with me this is my plan
Question one, whatís the deal these days?
I donít know why people seem all fazed and crazed
Like drugged up rats running around in a maze
Give me an answer to that and Iíll be amazed
Question two, why donít the politicians take a breather?
Iím asking you because I donít know either
Solving problems, yer I donít believe that neither
One thingís for sure if they donít slow down theyíll be at risk of a seizure

Question three, to be or not to be?
It sounds like a clichť, but that line was easy
And I need to reference Shakespeare in case my English teacher sees me
So I can prove raps creative musically and intellectually
Question four, why must I be hypocritical?
In fact not just me actually us all
If I realised it I could avoid a fall
At least I understand my strengths and my faults
Question five, Whys it have to be fine?
Whys it have to rhyme and keep in time
Is it so you fans can raise your hands and sway like chimes?
I hope so cause thatís the reason Iím here tonight
Question six, whys it hard for some people to mix?
Whereas some people find it easy to pick up chicks
Itís harder for the people who rely on cheeky winks
And who rely on that stupid deodorant lynx

Question seven, whatís it like in heaven?
Out of the ten this could be that ultimate question
I want to find out so swear words, I wonít mention
I want to have faith and not live life like in detention
Question eight, did you know thereís too much racial hate?
Few jokes is fine, but donít cross the line because thatís not great
Iíd tour places from Japan to the USA
Why make enemies when I want fans and mates
Question nine, are you having a good time?
Cause I am, flowing is a favourite past time of mine
Iím sure it could be better with a louder mic
But as long as youíre giving me energy Iíll feel sicked
Question ten, I wonít pretend?
My question is when will this world end
And why arenít we doing something to fix and mend
Itís probably because weíre having too much fun because we can
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:06 pm

Wild West
MC Ram-Z

And The Sheriff Said
This is the Wild West
Donít put me to the test
Cause if you do youíll see the end

He draws his powerful pistol in record time
While the people sat so close to the crime
And the spectators watched as his opponents fell like rain
Witnesses would be a more appropriate name
In the Wild West thereís guns and their slingers
Thereís cowboys, Indians and country singers
But amongst them all was one evil man
A person hard for intellectuals to understand
He took his steps to the centre of the stage
Fell straight through tied to a rope which sent him to his grave
Well thatís what you get for causing people pain
A life of alcohol, murder and cocaine

A gang riding high on their saddles
Needed money without the hard work of raising cattle
So on horseback they rode alongside the train
The men boarded which forced the driver to pull the brake
The evil doers stole from even the oldest passengers
But only killed a few unlike their usual massacres
They saw the driver one carriage ahead of them
Before they knew it he had made it to theirs
He was about 30, courageous and smart
When he pulled out his gun they ran out of the cart
Cause they were cowards afraid to die for themselves
They were sent to death row, not worthy for the cells

Sitting round a table, playing cards
Had no idea who was there they were focusing on the bluff
The man third person left from the dealer
Was a crook, criminal and bet stealer
Yes thatís right this guy was a cheat
Constantly keeping four aces up his sleave
Then unexpected the sheriff joined the game
He wanted to relax after his long day
Meeting the men shaking their hands, the four aces fell on the bench
The playersí faces turned from normal to red
He was locked up, that conjurer that shark
They took away his riches and put him in the dark
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:10 pm

I Thank You
MC Ram-Z
Sung not rapped, although in saying that i believe rap is a type of singing so let me refrase the statement to, Not Hiphop

For all your love and care
For that I thank you
For the opportunities Iíve had
For that I thank you

Standing on the balcony looking out
Lights shining back at me
Captivated by the city sounds
And the view of the sea
Donít know the events that led me to this place
Why did this happen
Well I guess itís just fate
I guess sometimes you lose sometimes you win

Canít imagine what it would be like without you here
I just canít understand why people think itís so clear
When the fog of hate is in the air
And you canít really tell if the truth is the same as what youíve read
Well people are gifted if they can realise love
In times of despair and when times are tough
I guess I do want to be one of them
Who have are with you and who are your friend

I turn the pages of this life everyday
Chapter by chapter
Iíve read the begging, how we were made
And the end, how I should be ready for the rapture
And every paragraph has a story to share
Wether mystery, action, drama or adventure
With a who, why, when and where
And for those experiences I thank you
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:11 pm

Donít Know Why I Do It
MC Ram-Z

Hip Hop
I donít know why I do it
The regretful things
Donít know why I did them
I donít know why I do it
Why Do We Do It

I have been a pretty high figure ever since I begun
Itís been happening ever since grade one
That Iíve been up there with the best
Why I never rest, why because Iím so ambitious
And maybe one day Iíll stop
But for now I need to focus on things including hip hop
Anyway me point to prove is that Iím not only a rapper
Iíve been school captain, magician and even an actor
My skills and talents seem to lead to entertainer
Iím not scientific of sporty, in fact I could use a health trainer
Hopefully my current health doesnít put me in danger
If it does Iíll have to ask the doctor for another favour
But back to the point I donít try to rap black
If I did Iíd move to the USA donít you understand that
If you donít then your obviously wack
The difference between me and them is that I relax
Even though writing these lyrics is stressful not stress less
Like trying to ride a bull that is restless
It makes certain, that I myself am restless
Sometimes writing lyrics is like trying to make a verse that is the best mess
But it doesnít take long to regain the cheer
Always found in Aussie hiphop culture
And you can call me different or weird
But I know Iíve got talent and so do you if you can hear

And as I said you people can call me bad names
I know youíre just mad because you stayed up to late
As far as Iím concerned it doesnít affect me or my mates
Thatís final thereís no need for debate
And when youíre watching me get an aria
On the TV by some host called Maria
And youíre still making comments your going too far
And I will remember you for many years
If you think itís bad for me to rap because of ghetto practice
But donít worry I hardly know what that is
I only say yo when Iím being sarcastic
Iíve never done anything bad just check my rap sheet
But still they donít stop with the stereotypes
Iím automatically Eminem because Iím white
Well Iíll tell you what theyíll get a fright
When they hear me fight for human rights
But for now it makes me feel unholy
When they see me down the street and yell ďwhatís up homieĒ
This kind of joke affects others and makes them feel lonely
I could save so many people of hate if only

Listen, and take all of this in
We all need to repent of our sins
So we can act like they acted in the beginning
That way every person on the earth would win
But for now it seems we all just sit back
Realising the difference between white and black
Without seeing the difference in my rap to the gangsters
But for those of you who do I thank yous
In other news, now in politics we got Rud and Obama
Sorry Kevin but derrick is the lady charmer
Its seems his cool is his amour
Heís the kind of person I want looking for Osama
I bet heíd bash him like a car in a motorama
They just need to remember whether heís in Iraq or Irana
Everyday those wars go on it gets darker
One day in the future we will mark the
Day, the wars finale stop
Thatíll be a day the whole world will watch
I guess what Iím saying is that itís taking forever
I donít know why they started it and I will probably never
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Posts : 89
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Join date : 2007-11-05

PostSubject: mc ramsey   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:37 pm

I love thi smate i need to take some more time to read through them all, but you have them laid out al so good i cant wait for your have to come to 351 camp sydney this year.
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MC Ram-Z
351 Crew
MC Ram-Z

Posts : 65
Points : 12
Join date : 2007-11-16
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   Fri Aug 07, 2009 3:04 pm

I'll have to get into contact with you about sydney, i would love to go, but i dont know if my whole family would be able to go with me because of their work and stuff
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PostSubject: Re: The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009   

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The songs I wrote since 351 rocky 2009
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